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How Much Time Will It Take To Ship Your Car Across The Country?

If there is ever a need to ship your car across the country, the first thing that will go through your mind is how long will it take. Well, car shipping companies can give you an estimated timeline, but they will never provide a definite answer. This is because many external factors can affect the timeline. To know how long it can take, first, you have to understand the procedure of car transport.

Car Shipping Process

  1. Choose an auto-shipping company

Many companies offer car transport services. However, you want to work with someone who is efficient and has plenty of good reviews. Besides, working with someone who has a great deal of experience always helps.

Ship A Car, Inc. Trusted Auto Transport Company will give you the peace of mind that you need while shipping a car. They have been in the market for years, and irrespective of the distance, they ensure transporting vehicles safely from one place to another.

  1. Fill necessary forms

Along with the details of car model and make, and pick up and drop off points, the auto transporter will need other details as well. Also, some companies ask for your address and license details.

Depending on this info, the company will provide you with a free quotation. However, the final cost will be higher after considering service fees, additional carrier charges, insurance costs, etc.

  1. Select an auto transport service

There are two widely used services – open and enclosed car transport. Depending on your budget, requirements, and timeline select a service.

  1. Make the final booking

After making the necessary selections, book your car shipment. Mostly, you will be given a part payment while booking and the rest will be paid after getting your car delivered.

  1. Prepare your vehicle

Depending on the pickup date, prepare your car for shipment. Ideally, get it washed, remove all personal belongings from it, inspect it for dents and other damages, charge your car batteries and ensure it has enough fuel, remove all the loose parts, and make an extra set of keys.

  1. Keep tracking your car

Most car shipping companies will provide you with GPS tracking info. Using an app or a website, you will be able to check the live location of your vehicle.

Other factors that affect the timeline of car transport

  • Type of Vehicle: An oddly shaped vehicle will take special care, and this will increase the transport time.
  • Open or enclosed carrier: Open car transport is faster compared to enclosed car transport.
  • Shipping distance: The distance between pick and drop-off locations, as well as the road conditions will impact your auto-shipping timeline.
  • Weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions can delay the delivery date.
  • Time of the year: During vacations, there is heavy traffic on the road, and this can impact your timeline.

If none of the factors mentioned above are causing issues, you can expect your vehicle to be delivered within a week or 10 days when transporting across the continental US. Also, if the distance is short, it may even arrive within 2 to 3 days.

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