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Energy -Efficient Bundles by FirstEnergy – Starter, Advanced & Premium

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Product bundles are arguably the easiest way to begin smart home automation. Bundles offer homeowners many different benefits. It is a set of mutually compatible smart gadgets which work well together to fulfil a particular requirement of your home. As long as you have a reliable connection, you should be able to utilize your smart bundle to its fullest extent; a good option for this is the Linksys AC2200 router.

Smart bundles are an option every homeowner should consider. They give you a single source for a set of reasonably priced smart gadgets, from which you can even add or remove gadgets for greater convenience. You won’t have to evaluate the compatibility and specifications of each gadget individually, which is extremely helpful for homeowners who have busy lives and can’t spend too much time browsing for the right electronics for their home.

For homeowners who want to make ecofriendly decisions regarding their home’s technology, the following are some energy efficiency packages offered by FirstEnergy.

Energy Efficiency Starter Kit

The starter kit is a good way to test the waters with smart technology, especially for a more ecofriendly home.


 Sengled Wi-Fi LED Soft White Smart Bulbs

 Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

 Google Nest Thermostat


This is the basic kit for saving energy in your home. These gadgets can contribute to your home’s ambience and transform your home’s atmosphere for increased comfort. The following are some of its main features.

  • The bulbs require no hub and can be connected through a range of different systems and devices, such as Google Assistant, Alexa and compatible ZigBee hubs such as SmartThings. The bulbs will provide you with soft white lighting for your home.
  • The Google Nest Mini is the perfect compact smart speaker which your home needs. With its minimalistic size, you can place it anywhere in your home. Not only can this gadget help control your smart home better, it provides amazing sound for its size and price point. This is an excellent addition to the starter package due to its potential compatibility with many other gadgets in your home.
  • The importance of a smart thermostat is known to most homeowners, and the Google Nest Thermostat is particularly beneficial. Not only is it extremely easy to install, this gadget is the most efficient way for you to keep track of the heating and cooling systems in your home.
Energy Efficiency Advanced Kit

This kit has everything you need to enhance your home’s environment.


Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

Google Nest Thermostat

Sengled Wi-Fi Multicolor Smart Bulbs


With a slight upgrade, this bundle is a bit more efficient than the starter kit. The following are main features

  • The Google Nest Audio will fill your home with a clear, unmistakable sound. You can give it any command you want, and it will take care of your virtual tasks for you. Using the Google Home App, you can control this larger version of the Nest Mini to utilize all of its features.
  • Once again, the Google Nest thermostat is the perfect gadget to transform your home’s environment into what you prefer. The perfect atmosphere at a reasonable price, this gadget will contribute equally to your home’s comfort and ambience.
  • The bulbs are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. You may control them through the Sengled Home App for maximum efficiency. These multicolor bulbs will allow you to customize your home’s ambience as you wish.
Energy Efficiency Premium Kit

The premium kit has the best features of all the previously mentioned gadgets. This upgrade will allow your home to become as comfy and ambient as possible, all with an affordable price. The following are the gadgets you will get in this kit.


Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Sengled Wi-Fi Multicolor Smart Bulbs


The premium kit is an upgraded version of the previously mentioned bundles. This is the best option for a bigger home and require enhanced features. The following are some main features of this bundle.

  • Whether you want to connect with friends and family or control your smart gadgets remotely, the Google Nest Audio can do it all. Simply use your voice to enhance your home’s overall atmosphere by commanding the speaker to perform virtual tasks for you throughout the day – it’s the perfect gadget for multitasking.
  • The Learning thermostat has the added feature of performing automatically, even when you’re away from home. By learning your preferences and patterns, this gadget will create the right atmosphere in your home with minimal effort on your end.
  • This pack contains all the features you could possibly want in your smart bulb. It includes compatibility with a wider range of gadgets, as well as up to 25,000 hours of life. The scheduling capability and color ranges are perfect for setting pretty much any mood in your home.

While all of these bundles are more or less the same, these slight alterations can leave a considerable amount of impact on your home.

Smart technology contributes quite a bit to our homes. Not only does it make our living space more comfortable, it also saves money and is less harmful for the environment. The energy efficiency of smart gadgets is one of their main characteristics.

Electronics in your home, especially the bigger appliances can consume a lot of energy. This consumption increases as they become older, while their output remains more or less the same. Smart gadgets consume utilize relatively less energy for better functioning, which makes them a better alternative. These bundles can help make your home less harmful for the environment, while simultaneously enhancing its functionality.

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