Thursday, December 7, 2023
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The 5 Golden Rules of Technology

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  • I believe there are some crucial regulations that all computer experts need to adhere to regardless of the details location of proficiency. I’m going to call these “The 5 Golden Policy of Technology” and also see what you think of this, however it’s my daily creed. I want to get some responses on these whether you are a tech or an individual that has actually had experience with technology support of any type of kind. If you have actually ever handled a technology who really did not comply with these rules, you probably are in the bulk. Have I missed out on any significant points on these principles?
  • Constantly show respect for the person you are supporting (customer) and never ever make them feel stupid for not having your degree of proficiency. I’ve seen numerous technologies make fun of customers as well as it’s not quite. It’s the same thing as that bully that used to do it to you in institution due to the fact that you were a nerd. Not amazing.
  • Never ever be too honored to call technical assistance for support with an item you aren’t entirely knowledgeable about and even one you believe you understand. This humility will certainly pay off when you finish the job faster than the following person due to the fact that he hesitated to confess he needed some help.
  • Discover what the actual problem is. You can fix the trouble you have actually been asked to fix, but if that’s not the underlying problem, it will certainly happen once again. Likewise remember that due to not having your level of experience, lots of people won’t know what is actually incorrect and also you never ever intend to make them really feel negative for this, yet you may have to ask numerous concerns the user assumes they already responsed to reach the origin of the problem.
  • Make phone calls. For one reason or another, some folks don’t like to make call. We prefer to send an email/text/chat, etc but I believe that there is nothing more productive than a telephone call for getting the exchange of info done promptly. It likewise adds the personal touch and also can make for much better partnerships with customers.
  • Be productive by maintaining e-mail in its place. Examine your email no more than as soon as per hour and also shut off notifications for e-mail if in all feasible. This maintains you a lot more efficient to ensure that you can take better treatment of the stockpile of things you already need to do. There are lots of other efficiency tips I can suggest in a future post.
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