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Custom Versus Universal Car Seat Covers. Which Are Better?

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The dispute over universal versus custom car seat covers is one of the most heated ones in the industry of cars. Custom covers are made to match a precise car model. However, they lie on the expensive side. The universal car seat covers are one size that fits all cars. They are also much less costly. Before you understand the differences between these two types of seat covers, you need to know why do you need seat covers? Is it to preserve the original upholstery, or are you looking for a new interior decor that reflects your personality?

In any case, opting for car seat covers is a fantastic choice. They do not only protect your investment and the resale value of the car, but they are also available in several materials, designs, colors to show off your individuality, like silver car seat covers, animal print covers, Hawaiian print covers, etc.

Is It Appropriate?

If you go for universal seats, you may not get a proper fit since the universal seat coverings are one size that fits all seats. Car manufacturers most often adjust the interior seating specification between the different models. You may verify that the seat cover fulfill all the standards of your make model and year by going for a custom cover. If you want a snug-fitting feature, you should go for custom covers.

Quality level

High-quality items are a better choice, from the type of cloth to its appearance once it’s on the seat and the durability. If you want personalized seat covers to last for years, you should go for both sturdy and comfortable fabrics.

How To Choose?

Since seat covers are made to fit specific models, you will have more options if you want to go for custom covers. Custom covers can provide you with a better look and feel. However, if you have just bought a car and do not have the budget to invest in custom seat covers, you should get universal seat covers. Having a seat cover is better than having none at all.

If you reside in a region with a tropical climate, you should go for light-coloured seat covers like white car seat covers. This is because light colors reflect the light entering the car. Thus, they will reflect the sun’s rays and keep your car’s interior cool. If you choose to go for dark-coloured seat covers, they will easily absorb the light and warm the interior. This is not desirable, especially if your car is parked under the hot sun.

When you purchase seat covers, make sure that you do not buy the covers from the first shop. Scour the market a little bit. Go to at least 4-5 shops, check the material, ask for the price and their opinions to know which one is best. When you make your purchase, you will get the best price and quality within your budget.

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