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BBQs2u – Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Packs Available at 4% Discount

BBQs2u is always known for dealing with renowned brands. They are the favourites of all Britons for 20 years. They are known for launching business deals based on every season and brand. Many customers have won great grillers like Kamado Joe Jr. from them.

BBQs2u is always the most reliable barbecue retailer in the Britons as the business owner himself tries the brand before launching it in the market.

The greatest example is Masterbuilt BBQs from the US. This brand is the leading brand in the USA. However, before launching it in the UK market, the BBQs2u business owner himself tried one of the models to check if it can withstand the UK climate, changing weather, and the food Britons love.

The first Masterbuilt Gravity Series with digital features was introduced in 2020. And BBQs2u was the first to introduce it in the UK market.

Ever since the launch of the digitalised Masterbuilt Gravity series, youngsters in the UK, are also getting interested in grilling and smoking.

Their pool parties, camping, and beach picnics all include the innovative technology of the Masterbuilt Gravity series.

The most commonly in demand among the Gravity series is the Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 1050 compared to the Gravity series 560 and 800 models.

Features of Gravity Series 1050

  • You can smoke, bake, grill, sear, roast, and a lot more with Masterbuilt’s Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker.
  • The Digital Fan maintains the optimum cooking temperature once the temperature has been set on the digital or smart control panel device.
  • Up to 8 hours’ worth of charcoal can be stored in the Gravity Fed charcoal hopper, and gravity guarantees that you always have fuel for the fire.
  • 1050 square inches of cooking space is provided by the Fold Away warming and smoking racks and reversible smoke and sear cast-iron grates.

Advantages of Gravity series 1050

  • This griller is versatile, it allows you to cook anything from burgers, steaks to pizzas. You just need to know the right temperature for grilling, roasting, searing, and smoking.
  • It’s wonderful to have the convenience of a pellet grill and the flavour of charcoal and wood chunks combined. The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 produces amazing cuisine that is bursting with flavour, lights easily, and maintains temperature well.
  • There are several safety switches on the main lid, the hopper lid, and the ash door of the grill. The hopper lid and ash door switches prevent the hopper from igniting like a charcoal chimney, and the lid switch regulates the grill’s temperature while it is open to prevent it from becoming excessively hot.

BBQs 2u Promotion

The retailer is selling Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 in different Packs –

· Pitmaster Pack

Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 1050, cover, Rotisserie, 7.25 Kg charcoal lump, and Masterbuilt Pizza oven at 4.58% discount.

· Pizza Pack

Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 1050, cover, 7.25 Kg charcoal lump, and Masterbuilt Pizza oven at 4.60% discount.

· Rotisserie Pack

Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 1050, cover, Rotisserie, and d7.25 Kg charcoal lump at 4.52% discount.

BBQs2u knows how to keep its customers happy. This Spring season their bundle pack discount offer on the Masterbuilt Gravity series will increase traffic on their website and store.

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